Write acumen in a sentence

Reading the financial sections of newspapers has greatly improved my business acumen. If so, well done! Business acumen is a talent, but it will only count on a resume if you can back it up with stories that illustrate the claim. Wilson has pitched himself as a problem-solver who could use his business acumen to help with an ailing economy upstate and aging infrastructure downstate.

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Ask to be copied on research reports developed by the various departments in the organization. The best way to demonstrate business acumen is to have multiplebusinesses. Developing Acumen One way a manager can develop acumen is to increase her knowledge base about how the company operates.

Many bosses do not see the potential in their assistants or the added bonus of having an assistant with a good knowledge of the business and what that means in terms of the extra support they would receive.

acumen in a sentence

I did this when I first started working in insurance. May 15, by admin Leave a Comment. Yet the military—for all its monopoly of power—strangely lacks the acumen and competence that should guide power. In a previous role I managed 12 Committees all of which had a special interest in different areas of accountancy.

Why go outside where left-handedness is discouraged and righteousness has been redefined as acumen? What Franmil Reyes must do; closing in on no-no?

Can you use acumen in a sentence for me please!?

Use "acumen" in a sentence He is a communicator with strong baseball acumen and leadership skills. The canny acumen of business donors leads to inevitable speculation about the tax breaks linked to such donations.: A remarkabe acumen in business matters Share to: So that sounds easy to achieve right?

Between acuity and acuteness, acuteness is used more frequently. The prime motive of the festival is not only to test and brighten the managerial skills of the participants but also to promote a general business acumen and ignite entrepreneurial thinking in the youth of India.

If it does then ask to attend their initial training sessions on the industry. When you have businesses, many people see that you aresuccessful. This encompasses having an understanding of critical interdependencies across functions and divisions, and grasping the short and long-term trade-offs of business decisions.

This knowledge will help her sharpen her decision making when she is asked to contribute to discussions about which products or marketing strategies should be funded. If they do, this is great because you open their post and can read the magazines before giving it to them!

Acumen vs. Acuity vs. Acuteness: What’s the Difference?

An example is "because of his mathematical acumen, Chuck was able to figure out in minutes problems that took other students hours.

He showed remarkable acumen for predicting the weather. I also hopped from one industry to another so I had to constantly learn how these business were run, the jargon that was used and the different codes of conduct each industry sector had. The term strong commercial acumen is an attribute you will commonly see listed in job ads.

Sigmund Freud had an acumen for dream interpretation.acumen in a sentence: This specimen of legal acumen is front and center in the Cartel ` s jihad, having appeared for Viacom when it sued YouTube, for the RIAA against Jammie Thomas, single mother.; As.

Acumen Sentence Examples Capable lawyers with business acumen are valuable to any firm. Had he possessed the financial acumen to go with his engineering brilliance, he would have made a fortune. Your writing is filled with acumen and courage.

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I've never possessed any business acumen. acumen in a sentence. More words activate in a sentence active in a sentence activist in a sentence activism in a sentence activity in a sentence actor in a sentence actress in a sentence.

Dec 04,  · Sigmund Freud had an acumen for dream interpretation. Richard had an acumen for character analysis and could tell immediately that Paul was a selfish cheri197.com: Resolved. Dec 03,  · Sigmund Freud had an acumen for dream interpretation. Richard had an acumen for character analysis and could tell immediately that Paul was a selfish cheri197.com: Resolved.

— Alice Walker, Living by the Word, Her political acumen won her the election. a lack of business acumen Philosophers may have written more than other writers about the aphorism, but it’s not the deepest thinkers who come up with the most vivid examples.

For one thing philosophers have more on their minds than our foibles and follies.

Write acumen in a sentence
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